Volker Möllenhoff

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amazon boxes
NFT collection, 118 items, 2022
the NFT collection amazon boxes is a collection of images of all known Amazon shipping boxes. The price of each box is related to the respective volume of space.

uncanny object
34.2 × 24.1 × 8.8 cm, MDF, paint, 2022

PNG, 2022
stockwood is an ai generated image showing a textured surface reminiscent of plywood with traces of industrial production stamps used to mark raw plywood. Some of the stamp markings shows fragments of the lettering of prominent stock photo companies, prompting contemplation on the dissolution of boundaries between analog and digital employment of nature against the backdrop of the massive usage of online images for the training of AI models. 

zen for NFT
selling nothing
NFT of a zero byte file, 2021

zen for NFT consists of a JPEG-file containing no data (0 Bytes). Due to the impossibility of the NFT-platform to represent ‚nothing‘, the work visually manifests through an endlessly rotating loading icon. After a while OpenSea replaced the loading Icon with a broken image Icon which changed in design over time.

the world according to NVIDIA
SVG, 2020
Color chart after the color palette of the NVIDIA online editor GauGAN, now known as NVIDIA Canvas.

portrait of the artist as a $h!tcoin